Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weekend Visitors

On Saturday Freyalyn (, Mark. Lunil and Bil came for the weekend. It started with a quick note from Freyalyn asking if I had any long stapled fleeces. A look in my fleece store revealed 2 Teeswater fleeces, that had been washed, and so they decided to come and visit, and collect the fleece.

As the lambs were due their first Hepotvac injections, Mark volunteered to help, and as we had all the ewes in the barn as well, and one or two had a slight limp, all the ewes got a pedicure and some a "bum trim". It gave Mark some more experience of dealing with sheep as he's keen to learn how to shear sheep.

But it's not all work. After this morning's chores we drove down to the beech at Runswick Bay for the dogs to have a run around. Thankfully we managed to get there without Holly being sick in the car. This is a great result and we may try to take her and Deefa there another day.

Holly and Deefa sniffing a rock on the beech.

Deefa in the sea. Moments later he turned round and the wave you can see lifted him off his feet! He was not impressed! and as this was his first experience of the sea he's not too keen about going in again.

Lunil, Bil and Deefa.

Deefa watching Luni and Bill in the sea from a safe distance

Nesting birds in the cliffs. Not sure what they are.

It was a good walk, as well as a good weekend and now both dogs are crashed out catching up on their beauty sleep and my fleece store is now several fleeces less after Freyalyn and I'd had a good rummage around at what fleeces I've got.
I've been inspired to blend some of my fibres together, and have another go with my drop spindle having watch Freyalyn using hers this weekend. I was amazed at how much wool she got spun up using her drop spindle.

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