Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pregnant Sheep Surprises

not for us, but our friend and fellow smallholder Jayne.
I got a phone call yesterday from Jayne "How long before before a ewe lambs do they bag up?", as with the wild wind we've had their fleeces, a bit like your skirts, are being blown up, to reveal a few sheep with udders full of milk!!!!
A frantic phone call to her shearer, and last night we helped out shearing Jayne's sheep. Jayne had borrowed "Tuppyman" and because of the snow, thought he'd not managed to cover any of Jayne's sheep. So we did a swap with Gus Man and he too covered some of Jayne's sheep.
But after shearing yesterday Jayne starts lambing next week, and not late June as she thought, also she thought that only 3 or 4 of the ewes had been covered, that figure is now confirmed as 8! Needless to say she's happy, but in slight panic mode! Tim's on lambing help standby!

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