Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sheep Lawn mowers

Tim has fenced round the barn so that the sheep can eat down the grass that is growing between the 2 barns
Once the grass is eaten down, this only takes about a week, we then open the gates into the race and then into the area around my veg plot. We will need to move the ewes back to paddocks with shorter grass, in a day or so, to give the few ewes and lambs that have got "mucky bums" chance to dry up ready for shearing next week. But using the sheep to keep the grass down is a lot easier and cheaper than using the tractor and topper all the time. Tim has to put up hurdles around the door of the lambing barn and from the main barn to the wall to stop the sheep greeting visitors in the yard, and along the line of hurdles some telegraph poles, to stop a certain Holly Dog wriggling underneath to go and see the sheep!!!!

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