Sunday, 1 May 2011


Apart from the thunderstorm last weekend, we've had constant sunshine and we could really do with some more rain. So I thought I'd post some pictures of some of our animals.

These are our pet lambs, all 17 of the "little darlings". They terrorise any of the Maran hens that dare to venture into their paddock.
Most of the pet lambs are on the milk buckets, but 3 are still on bottles. Hobbit, because he's so small and had a problem with Selenium deficiency, Honolulu, he's got Orf, so we don't want that spreading through the rest of the lambs and finally Poorly Boy, he came to us with a nasty rattle in his lungs and hardly drank any milk. We dosed him up with antibiotics and he recovered, only to go down with joint ill last weekend. He's slowly recovering with medication.

And finally, the chicks. You can clearly see their wing feathers starting to develop and when I take the top off the brooder, they are starting to try and fly. I've just put them onto wood shavings in an attempt to keep the brooder a bit cleaner. Already 2 of the chicks are bigger than the others, which could mean they are cockerels, and 2 have the startings of a tail, which could mean they are pullets or female hens. It's looking like the Sussex X chick could be a female, but we should be able to tell more when they are 3 weeks old.

Holly spends a lot of time watching the chicks, we call it "Holly TV" and she's watching the "Chick Channel". The chicks seem to change everyday and are really growing fast. They'll soon be too big for the brooder and if I raise the lid, as I'm supposed to, to reduce the temperature inside the brooder, but I think the chicks will fly out!!!!!

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