Saturday, 2 April 2011

A quiet day!

Yesterday only 2 ewes lambed, a Scottie outside in the race, a lovely set of gimmer Masham twins and later in the afternoon, Yellow Neck with a lot of assistance, one lamb had it's head back. But both lambs and mum are O.K.

This was the barn last night

All 10 pens full of ewes with lambs.

The hurdles for the pens in this photo were borrowed from my friend Jayne as we had used all of our hurdles.

So far all the ewes that should have lambed by today have, that is except Anya. She was due on the 31st, but is showing no signs of "popping" yet. 20 ewes have lambed so far and we have 39 lambs a lambing %age of 195%. Only 6 ewes left to go!

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