Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lambing has officially finished...

Ariadnne had her lambs at 1.45 on Saturday morning and she was the last of our ewes to lamb. On Friday evening Flora, our Teeswater Shearling ewe, had twin lambs , a gimmer and a tup lamb. Tim had said to her that she was to have her lambs before lambing live started at 8pm. I went in at 7.45 and found her with her 2 newly born lambs.
Flora's lambs.

Ariadnne had shown no signs of starting to lamb, but when Tim went to check her at midnight, she was starting to show some signs of starting to lamb. He stayed up, but I went to bed as I was at Saltburn Farmer's Market that morning.

Tim went out to check her again at 2am to find that she'd had her lambs. He did navels and gave them some Watery Mouth medication and came to bed at 2.30.

Ariadnne's lambs and as you can see, one of them is laid down feeding!!!

We thought life could get back to normal, but yesterday morning a shepherding friend rang to ask if we wanted a "few" pet lambs. They have finished lambing and now have no time to deal with the pet lambs. We said "yes". But forgot to clarify what a "few" meant. He arrived with 13!!!! Most will only take a bottle, so we've got a battle to get them onto the bucket system we use. A couple have eye infections, one which is blind in one eye, so all lambs have been give a dose of antibiotics and are kept away from our other sheep and lambs until we are sure they are all O.K. Now just need to ring my feed merchant to see what deal he will give me on a bulk load of powdered lambs milk.

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