Monday, 18 April 2011

The fine weather continues...

which is great for the lambs, but not so good for the state of our grass. All the ewes and lambs are in the back field, which should last them a least a month, but after just a couple of weeks, the grass is getting very short, and there is not much grass in any of the other paddocks! We could do with some rain pretty soon. I've been out with my hoe in the veg garden, and I noticed that the parsnip seeds have started to sprout so the ground can't be that dry. We've also got another compost bin emptied onto another one of the veg beds so that I can plant out the last of my potatoes. The remaining compost bin's contents will be spread in the large bed that is near my shed, where the chickens are scratching around at the moment. I'm sure they will enjoy rooting around in the compost and at the same time save me a job of spreading it around the bed. The compost bins won't stay empty for long as Tim will soon be emptying the barn of all the straw bedding that's been down whilst we've been lambing.

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