Friday, 22 April 2011

The Hobbits have gone home

The Hobbits left this afternoon, with their mum. We took them to the bus station in Whitby where they caught the bus back home.
We couldn't have asked for better weather for their stay, it has been warm and dry, so we've been able to spend most of the days out doors.
I did have a list of jobs for them to do, and they have done most of them.

Here are the Hobbits modelling mine and Tim's chain saw helmets as we got ready to go to Jayne's to chop up a tree of hers that had fallen down. The Hobbits job was to put the chopped logs onto the trailer so that Jayne could then take the logs to their storage space. As with all young boys, after an hour or so they got bored and as the field we were in was at the bottom of a steep bank, they decided to climb to the top of the bank and then roll down!!!! The also decided to explore the stream we were near, the water wasn't too deep. But they found the deepest pools and came back with wellies full of water and jeans wet up to their bottoms!!!!
Here they are the testing out the hydraulics of the tipping trailer on the back of the tractor.

Every day they have collected the hen's eggs, fed the hens their evening corn, helped us worm and ear tag some sheep, chased and caught the pet lambs for us to number them all, helped me in the veg garden getting the pea sticks and planting out the peas. They've baked a couple of cakes to take to my Tuesday night knitting club for the ladies to eat with their cups of tea.

It hasn't been all work and no play, they've played countless games of volleyball and football. But I think the most exciting thing that happened was watching my chicks hatch out on Wednesday afternoon and evening. It was better than any TV programme.

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