Monday, 18 April 2011

The Hobbits are here!

The Hobbits arrive yesterday afternoon, in spectacular style, walking down the drive with their rucksacks and suitcase! Their parent's car was stopped at the top of the drive, it had broken down at the top of the road, which thankfully is a steepish hill, so they were able to coast down to the top of our drive and then with a bit of a push, coast down into our yard! When the Hobbits walked down the drive, we had a friend visiting who, on seeing the car stopped at the top of the drive, did comment "Are you sure they aren't just dropping the kids off and driving off, so you can't change your mind about them staying?" An hour later the car recovery company arrived to pick the car up and take Sis and her husband home. This is the second time their car has broken down on the way to deliver the Hobbits for a holiday! The are going home on Friday using the Coastliner bus, hopefully that won't break down.....

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Anonymous said...

Ah! It's Easter again, our 'Hobbits' are bored, obviously not enough homework. Note to self phone school!!

Have a great time all of you.