Thursday, 31 March 2011

Yet more lambs...

We started at 5am this morning and by 6.30 2 sets of twins had been born. Then nothing until this afternoon, when in the space of 2 hours, another 2 sets of twins and a big single lamb were born. But we don't think we have finished yet, as 2 of the ewes that are due now are in the barn, just for ease. But I don't know where we will put them? We have 12 lambing pens set up in the barn, 3 of which are made up of hurdles from my friend Jayne, but they are all full and we have no space to put any more. Hopefully some of the ewes with their lambs can go out tomorrow to ease the situation. So far 18 ewes have had 35 lambs and now we have only 8 ewes left to lamb, which if they all have singles, will mean that we should have 43 lambs. We shall see what happens. Off to do yet another lamb check, looks like it's going to be another late night but by the weekend it should be all over!!!!

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