Sunday, 3 April 2011

Things are quietening down

Only one lamb born last night, at around midnight. So this morning, after Tim had done the 5am check, we decided to go back to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. Just another couple of hours can make all the difference. We're still on lamb watch as we have 5 ewes left to lamb. Anya this afternoon actually asked to be put into the barn despite it being such a warm day. She was due to lamb on the 31st March! A couple of days ago I decided to set some eggs in my little incubator, which holds 7 eggs.
6 eggs are Marans, which are darker than in this photo and the very light egg is from my Sussex, who is in with the Cream Legbar Cockerel. Will be interesting to see what type of chick hatches. This is my egg skelter, full of my cream legbar and Maran eggs from the last 2 days.
Until all of the ewes have lambed, neither of us go very far and you really can't start any job that can't be put stopped immediately. But on Thursday the wind was so severe it blew over the hen house that the Marans are in. When we finally managed to put it back right on Friday, thankfully there was not too much damage, and now Tim is putting in posts along both sides to attach the hen house to, so that it can't be blown over again. I've been working in the veg garden, got one set of spuds and some red onion sets planted out, and several barrow loads of compost/manure put onto one of the deep beds. Makes a change for the weather to be so mild and dry whilst we are lambing. I'm not complaining.

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