Friday, 5 November 2010

This just came down the chimney...

On Wednesday night we heard some scratching in the Dining Room, we just presumed it was Deefa "knocking" at the door to come in.
On Thursday lunch time Tim was going to clean out the wood burning stoves, when he saw this!

How on earth this owl managed to get down the chimney, and into the wood burning stove, we've no idea, but there it sat, backing in the sun. I gave my friend Jayne a ring to come and rescue the owl as she's already successfully raised an owl chick.

Here is the owl in Jayne's hands, ready to be taken to her barn to be looked after.
She rang me later to say that after she had given the owl some water and it had, had a little sleep, it was flying around the barn, so she was going to open the door and give it the option of flying out. It should be able to find it's way home as Jayne only lives on the other side of the A171.
But now I know that if this little owl can get into the wood burning stove, down our chimney, so should Father Christmas. I still don't know how they manage to do it.........

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