Friday, 26 November 2010

More snow

Overnight we had some more snow. It's now over a foot deep. The snow plough has been down the road into the village and past our track end, unfortunately the plough has piled all the snow across our track end, so we're more or less snowed in.
Here is Holly trying to walk in the snow in the yard, she's not too keen about going out and will only walk in your footsteps, like the poor page in the Good King Wenceslas carol.
The Gimmers too are finding the only way to get to their hay rack is to "follow my leader" through the snow
The hens are not venturing very far at all. As you can see from this photo, the snow is deeper than they are tall.

With all this snow, there is only one thing to do, is light the wood burning stove keep warm, though I have been painting the bathroom ceiling now that Tim has finished the tiling. It also looks like I'll not be able to get to the craft fair I'm supposed to be at on Sunday, at Danby Village Hall.

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