Tuesday, 30 November 2010

There was just a rumble.......

Mid morning there was a rumble and we thought it was the over hang of snow on the house. But when Tim looked out of the bedroom window, this is what he saw!
Thankfully there was no one or sheep under this roof when it collapsed. But somewhere under this are 2 trailers, a chipper and a friend's tractor. We've no idea what sort of the state they are in we will have to wait until the snow melts and we can start to pick up the mangled roof
This shows you the side wall and how it's lent inwards. Not all of the roof has gone, where Tim replaced the perlin and created the area for the pet lambs is still standing.

This is the wall behind the diesel tank and there is a crack from top to bottom. Thankfully the tank is still intact.
We spent this afternoon moving some of the hay that is stored in the middle of the barn and now exposed to the elements, into the lambing barn, the rest we have sheeted and tomorrow will be moved into the lambing barn as well. All the electrics are off outside and tomorrow Tim will have to sort out some electrics for the garage for the freezers and then over the next week or so, sort out the outside lights and power to the lambing barn.
On the bright side we very nearly replaced the old sheeting on this roof with new, no one was injured and no livestock harmed. We've always wanted to do something with this barn and now we have the opportunity! Something to work on during the rest of winter.
I think I can now say I'm officially fed up with this snow.....

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Freyalyn said...

Oh dear, you really are suffering with this lot aren't you? And no prospect of a thaw this week. Glad no animals were hurt though.