Sunday, 14 November 2010

All change...

On Wednesday we swapped the raddle colours for all the tups. Gus is now Green, Tuppyman yellow and Finn, orange.
On Thursday morning Flora had a green coloured bum, where she had been yellow, and as she was the first ewe Gus had covered, we had a slight panic as was this a sign that Gus was "firing blanks". But thankfully no one else has a green coloured bum, and today Tuppyman has finally covered Ariadnne, so we have only one ewe left that is not covered, and that is Scottie 703, who did not lamb last year and we are not hopeful that she will lamb next. Another cull ewe I fear.
The weather this week has been very mixed, one minute it's been so windy that it's been so hard to stand up, the next it's been sleeting followed by rain, already we are wallowing in mud. Then the last two days it has been fine and cold. You just don't know what to wear!
I finally managed to get the last of my potatoes dug up, with the help of my chickens. I've had to put the potatoes on a pallet in the barn to dry before I bag them up and put them in the shed for the winter. So that's another veg year over. I've got the seed catalogues for next year, so I just need to decide what I want to grow next year.

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