Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The White stuff has arrived

We walked the dogs in the sleet this morning.
We fed the sheep and filled up the hay racks in the sleet.
On and off all day it has either pelted down with hail stones or great flurries of snow, and this evening snow is 2" deep on the window sills outside and it's not December yet!
So I've spent the day either in the office or dying some Superwash Merion Aran wool ready for the craft fair at Danby Village Hall on Sunday.
Yesterday we had a move round of the ewes. The ewes that are with Gus and Finn all have access to a barn, but Tuppyman and his girls don't. So we put Frea with Gus and Missy, Anya, Ariadnne, Allium and Abbie with Finn. Tuppyman has gone back to be in with Cecil, Fluffy and Archie.
With the snow we've had today, not a sheep could be seen in the fields!

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Freyalyn said...

Brrr. It's feeling like snow here, but not happened yet. Keep warm and snug, all of you.