Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Another roof bites the dust...

Tim was working in the barn this morning, sorting out the electrics, so that we could have some lights outside and more importantly, power to the garage for the freezers. When he heard a creak, then a whoosh, and the roof at the end on the main barn came down.

To be honest, we half suspected this bit of the roof could go as the roof perlins were not very meaty and had a bit of a bow in them yesterday. We checked the roof where Finn and his girls are, as their part of the barn is now on it's own. Some of the trusses have a bit of a bow in them and so I spent some of the day taking some of the snow off the roof, to take some of the weight off of the roof. I think it will be an on going job!
We got all of the hay into the lambing barn and both of us are quite tired. I'd forgotten how heavy the bales of hay were!
I wonder if Santa's sleigh will be big enough to bring us a new barn this Christmas?

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