Sunday, 22 February 2009

Holly and Deefa

As the day was so nice today, Holly and Deefa were out with me, leaving Tim in the house on his own aka "Billy no mates"!!!!!
Holly is looking a little shaggy and is seriously in need of a hair cut. What you can't see through the fur around her eyes, is that she can hardly keep them open, as she and Deefa had spent the last hour playing "tig"
As you can see, Deefa is so tired he can no longer stand and is having a quick "power nap". So much for helping me!!!!
One thing is they will both be tired out tomorrow when they are at home with Tim on his own, so he won't have to be out with them too many times!!!
Who am I kidding, Deefa will want to be out regardless of how tired he is!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Was surfing by and thought to make a comment about the colour of the grass - and then I scrolled down to see snowdrops!! They look to be the same colour of the snow which is blizzarding down just outside my window at the moment. This snow and wind event probably does not even count as the 12th storm of our winter - as it is probably too localized.

Here in Nova Scotia (Canada) no snowdrops - or grass - will be seen for some weeks.

Thank you for showing me the future,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca