Sunday, 22 February 2009

Looks like spring is just around the corner

Now that all the snow has melted all of a sudden the snowdrops have appeared. It looks like the last few warm days have made then flower

By my shed I have a pot of daffodils, and they are starting to show
Today was such a mild day that I spent some of the time in the veg garden busily tidying the greenhouse and around the comfrey plants. They are just starting to sprout so it was easy to weed round them. I found a patch of couch grass which I've dug most of it out, filling 1/2 a feed bag with the roots. I'm sure more will show over the coming months, but now I know where the couch grass is I will be able to keep an eye on it and hopefully keep in top of it this year. What you should also see in the photo below is some Kale plants, but they have been eaten by the rabbits over the last few days. I think it is time to phone "Dave the Ferret man" to come and work the warren on the common land again.

It was a pleasure to be out and about today, I also cleaned out the greenhouses of the old tomato plants and grow bags in readiness of the coming warmer weather. I planted some garlic cloves earlier in the week, in plant pots, so that I can plant them out once the soil is a little bit warmer than it is now.
On the whole this winter has not been a bad one, yes we've had the snow, but it's not been as wet and cold as in previous ones and to that end the pregnant ewes are looking really well considering how thin they had got last summer, they seem to have "held their own" this winter and the land is not as "poached". Walking round the fields this morning there is still a good covering of grass and it's not a bad length for the sheep to eat. I think having the extra grazing on the common land has help. I have shut the ewes out from the hedge on the common land as they were starting to eat the bark, but they have eaten all the grass growing under the hedge and in the ditch, just what we wanted. As the grass is doing so well in the common land, we're going to let the sheep graze there until the end of March, a week before the first ewes are due to lamb. This will ensure that the fields nearest the lambing barn have a good covering of grass for the ewes and newly born lambs.
Tomorrow I'm starting back at work, just 1/2 days in the office Monday and Fridays and working from home the other days as well as the usual trip to the hand therapist for Tim. I'll still have the sheep to feed before going off to work as Tim is still not allowed to lift anything with his hand, so the 5am alarm is going to come round very quickly tomorrow morning!!!! Over the coming weeks I will be extending the days in the office and by the time we finish lambing at the end of April, I should be back working full time in the office.

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