Sunday, 8 February 2009

What happened to all the snow...........

I know that other parts of the country, mainly the south, have had quite a lot of snow, but as you can see in the photo of Ghilli & Gromet, we've not had a great deal at all.

In fact it's been a pleasant week, quite warm during the day. The ground is nicely frozen so that it's easy to walk on. But the water butts have at least 2" of ice on them each morning, so it's out with containers of hot water to melt the ice so that all the animals can have a drink.

On Saturday the Hedge Laying Hollands braved the snow to help me plant 40 blackthorn hedging slips to fill in some gaps in a hedge we laid a couple of years ago. The slips have to be cut back by half and these cuttings we planted along another fence line to create a second hedge, that is if they take. No doubt I will find out in the spring, but planting cuttings is a great way of getting a hedge for free.

I had to post the following photo, it's Cecil guarding the shelter he's supposed to share with Hector and Archie, but sharing is not something Cecil does.

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