Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tim looses the splint

On Thursday, the consultant told Tim to "loose the splint". But he's still got to be very careful as the bones are still very fragile. It's looking like Tim's skin graft is going to need another op to take out some of the "flabbiness" of the skin as the swelling goes. Technically it's having a "tummy tuck" so to speak. Also his little finger is not healing straight and the consultant is hoping it's muscle weakness, rather than the bone not adhering to the metal work, which if that is happening it will mean another reconstruction op in the near future. Not a good thing. But what ever happens the operations will be arranged to fit in with our lives etc.
On the whole the consultant is really happy with the way Tim's hand is healing and he very confident that Tim will get his hand working again. To that end he doesn't want to see Tim for another 8 weeks, which is when we will be lambing!!!!!

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