Sunday, 1 March 2009

Too early in the morning for the sheep!!!!!!

Now that I'm back at work, all be it part time as well as working from home. I've been out feeding the sheep at 6am!!!! You can see the sheep mentally checking their wrist watches, it was definitely too early for them. The sun hadn't even got out of bed. For Holly and Deefa, it was a bigger shock, they have had a very fast morning walk.
It's taken some planning the evening before to ensure that Tim has something for his lunch, that he can do himself or sandwiches made. He's now able to get his painkillers out of the packet himself, so that's another step forward.
I drove over to the office in York, so that if Tim had a problem I could get home relatively quickly. But he seems to have coped O.K on his own and I shall soon start to travel to work by train again. This is another step forward and hopefully a bit nearer to normality, or what is called normality here at Meadowcroft Farm!!!!!
The weather this weekend has been great. On Saturday afternoon the dogs and I spent some time in the veg garden. The kale plants that were nibbled by the rabbits, I've given to the ram lambs to eat. They loved them. Dug up some of the leek plants to make some leek and potato soup, and dug over a bit more of the plot in readiness for planting out this years veg. I've also got some potatoes to grow this year, Ballerina, a variety that's a second early and Pink Fir Apple, a salad main crop. Broad Bean seeds were sown in plant pots in the greenhouse. The garlic I planted last week in pots, has been moved outside and has now started to grow. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to get some more of the veg plot dug over and the greenhouse will fill up with veg seed plants.
We're now into the finally 6 weeks prior to lambing and from this week on the ewes are now on 1/2lb of concentrate feed each a day. Because they were thin coming into the autumn we've already been feeding the ewes 1/4lb of concentrate per day and rather than double the feed they get on a morning, I'll now start to feed them 1/4lb of feed each morning and evening. In a couple of weeks time the feed will be increased to 3/4lb of feed per day, split into 2 feeds and finally by the time we get to the beginning of April they will be on 1lb of feed a day. It should be enough to keep the ewes and their growing lambs in good health, but not too much that the lambs are too big for the ewes to deliver themselves!!!!! We'll soon find out in April if I've got it right!!!

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