Sunday, 8 February 2009

Victoria Farm on BBC2

I don't know if any of you have been watching Victoria Farm on BBC2 on Thursday night. The era and farm they are portraying is the same period that our smallholding was built. Our house was built in 1850 and was originally a 15 acre smallholding, before being split up over 30 years ago. We still have the original cow byre, but the over head hay store was taken down when we re-roofed as it was riddled with wood worm.
Talking to other smallholding friends we all agree that a lot of what is portrayed on the show, is still done today in some shape or form, like putting paint on the ram's chest (raddle) so you know when a ewe has been covered. We all have some sort of range in our kitchens, essential in a cold and wet winter, our aga always has hats and gloves drying on it and dogs drying/keeping warm in front of it.
Some part of the programme we all find a little strange, like the episode where Ruth was taking a bath and complaining it was cold, we were all surprised that the bedrooms didn't have fires in them, this house did, before the previous owner took them out.
If you haven't seen the programme it's worth a watch.


ladyb1 said...

I love it, haven't missed an episode. Love the way the men are dressed so smart and never seem to get dirty!!!

Lucky you having a similar house and set up.

Denise said...

I've also managed to download the book they refer to, so I can have a read

Anonymous said...

WAtched the last one last night; rather sad to see the whole thing ended. Looks like the historical farm they were based at would be worth a visit.