Sunday, 2 November 2008

Pheasent and Wild Duck for tea

One of the events that happens at this time of the year, is some of the local farmers, walking over the common land and shooting pheasant and wild duck. On Saturday, they were out with their guns, it was, for once a really nice day. As we were out shopping we didn't hear them, but later in the evening, we were given a pheasant and duck as a "thank you" for letting them walk through our fields and along the fence line.
We're having the duck for tea tonight and the pheasant in a stew later in the week.
I know that they enjoy walking and shooting what ever pheasant and duck "rise" to the guns and I think it's a much better way of shooting rather than stood at a point whilst the birds are driven to the guns and a large number of birds are shot. This way they only shoot for the pot, so to speak, and the pheasants are kept to a level where they don't end up eating my winter veg!!!!


Rebekah said...

What constitutes common land? My husband and I have been curious about this, as we watch a lot of British television such as Midsomer Murder.

Denise said...

I've put a description on the blog of what is common land. I hope it makes things clearer!!!!