Saturday, 22 November 2008

We have snow!!!!

Well as you can see we've have some snow overnight and looking out to sea, the clouds show more snow on the way

The rams lambs are snug in their shelter and are not venturing very far

The ewes on the otherhand are a hardy lot and are out and about

Ghillie is a little concerned as his and Grommet's shelter has a snow drift in the entrance, but where he is stood is perfectly dry.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, but as I type this blog, it is snowing again!!!!!!

We had a phone call from the youngest hobbit asking if we had snow. He was hoping that by the afternoon it would snow where he lived, but I don't think it has. Needless to say I sent him a load of photos of the snow, so that he can "see if he's got more snow than us!!!" The trouble is if we get much more snow, and there is none where he lives, he and his brother will want to come for the weekend!!!!!!

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