Sunday, 16 November 2008

The rams have been busy

It's only a week since we put the rams in with the ewes and the "score" so far is: Hector 3, Isaac 8, so if Isaac is fertile, we should start lambing on the 6th April 2009.
We've been asked if we will have any lamb ready for Christmas, so we put all the ram lambs through the weigh and the 3 heaviest are now in the barn and given extra feed to "fatten" then up a little. We normally don't do the lambs before Christmas, tending to wait until into the early part of the New Year as the lambs are heavier and before the really bad weather arrives and they no longer put on weight, or start to loose condition.
As today was such a warm and calm day, I've been able to sort out the 6 Herdwick fleeces I got yesterday. Though they had been "dagged out" well, I still took some more of the fleece off before re rolling and packing them into paper sacks. Now they just want washing...........
I finally managed to get the last of my winter onions planted, the ones I planted at the end of September are already starting to show. The kale is growing well and at long last the leeks are starting to thicken up, and if the parsnips are anything like their top growth, then they should be huge!!!!!
On Thursday my application for Woolfest arrived and as an existing stall holder I have a week to get my application back before applications for stalls are opened up. So my form is filled out, cheque written and will be in the post tomorrow morning. I'm expanding the range of fibres that I'm taking to Woolfest, so I've got a lot of work to do over the next few months.

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