Sunday, 23 November 2008

Yet more snow!!!!

The promised overnight rain did not arrive, instead it snowed, so this morning the snow was 4" deep and with the high winds any gap in the hedges the snow had been blown into drifts a good foot deep. Trying to walk the dogs this morning was a challenge and with the wind blowing so hard into our faces that it was near impossible to get up the hill to the top road into the village.
With the additional snow we have moved the two sets of ewes, with their respective rams into fields that have got shelters and hay racks in them, so they can keep warm and dry in the snow storms and have access to fresh hay. They took no moving into the fields, a bucket with feed rattled soon gets them moving. Just don't stand in the way or you will get mowed over in the rush!!!!
The ewe lambs that are in another field, also now have access to a shelter thanks to a walk through between two fields we put in last year. Now all the animals have ready access to a shelter.
After helping out getting the shelters ready for the sheep, I have spent the rest of the day carding and dyeing fibre for Woolfest. The dogs on the other hand are getting "stir crazy" with being in so much over the weekend but it really hasn't been the weather to be out in unless you have to.
It's raining now, so hopefully the snow will have gone enough so that I can get to work tomorrow!!!

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