Sunday, 2 November 2008

Giving the ewes the once over and paddock logistics

As we will be putting the tups in with the ewes next weekend we decided to separate them out in readiness for the boys arrival. The original plan was to put the ewes that are going to Hector on the common land and the ewes for the Jacob in the back field. But a phone call on Saturday afternoon from the Shetland Sheep ram inspectors to say that they are coming next Saturday (8th Nov) we've had to have a rethink, as we want them to inspect 4 of our ewes as well as our Ram, Hector.
So the ewe lambs are now in the top paddock near the common land, the ewes to be inspected are in a paddock next to the common land, the ewes for Hector are on the common land and the ewes for the Jacob are in the back field.
Whilst all the ewes were was in the barn we took the opportunity to weigh everyone. Not surprisingly, the ewes are lighter than they were this time last year, but we giving them additional feed, so hopefully this will help them through the rest of the winter. One thing we have decided to do, it to weigh the ewes again when we wean the lambs, to that way we can keep a better track on their weight gain/loss.
As well as the weighings everyone got a pedicure, a mineral and wormer drench, so they are fit for the winter. The ewe lambs got dagged out as well and I think they will need doing again in another couple of months!!!!
Now that all the ewes are in their winter paddocks, all the feed troughs, water troughs and hay racks had to be moved and I did this all in the rain this afternoon!!!!! Wellies, gloves, hat and over trousers are now drying by the aga. Is this a sign of things to come for the winter, outdoor clothes drying by the aga!!!!!

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