Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wonderwool 2012

On Thursday I left home with the Bongo and tow van on the 2 day trip down to the Royal Welsh Showground to attend Wonderwool 2012. On the Thursday night I stopped over in Chester at a Travelodge, which had a very small car park and reversing is not my strong point, without a trailer attached to a vehicle. Anyway I managed to get reversed and parked without bumping into any of the parked cars! I set off early on the Friday for the final leg along the A483. A lovely run on a better day, than in the rain. I arrived at the showground around 11 and as I was one of the first to arrive I had plenty of time and space to unload and get my stall ready for the start of the show on Saturday morning.

This is what my stall looked like on the Saturday morning, and once the doors opened it didn't stay looking this full for long and I sold all of my wool holders by Saturday lunch time, and by the end of Saturday, if the Sunday was as busy as the Saturday had been, then I was seriously worried that I wouldn't have enough stock to last the day. As it was, Sunday was much quieter partly due to the awful weather, there were flooded roads and roads blocked by fallen trees. But overall I was very, very pleased with how the weekend had gone.
I camped on site along with my friends Freylyn and Mark, who were in my old tent, and I don't think their 2 dogs were dry all weekend. We did find an amazing pub in Bluith which did good basic, but wholesome food and they knew how to keep a good pint of beer, and on the Saturday night a lot of stallholders were also sampling their fare.
I drove home on the Monday, via Birmingham, to avoid the flooding, which meant I got home mid afternoon, and with selling so much of my fibre, the van took very little time to empty, so on Tuesday morning I was on the phone to my fibre supplier replenishing my stocks of fibre and knitting wool as I've not got sufficient fibre to do Woolfest and Fibre East. I was hoping I would not have to order anymore fibre before we moved, but such is life and I shouldn't really complain!

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