Sunday, 13 May 2012

Two markets in a weekend

seemed like a good idea at the time I agreed to do them earlier in the year, and in reality, should have been very easy to do so soon after Wonderwool, but what I didn't factor into the equation was 7 days work in Newcastle, starting on Tuesday, so I've not had chance to catch up with dyeing the new lot of knitting wool and bundling up the fibre, all of which arrived at the end of last week.
So I went off to Saltburn Farmer's Market with a small quantity of dyed knitting wool, 4 yarn pots, and some dyed alpaca that I found just before Wonderwool. I didn't expect to do a great deal of sales, but I had a great day, I think, that despite the sun, the cold weather over the past week made people want to knit. So I'm not complaining.
Then today I was at Robin Hoods Bay, for a Craft Market, not many sales, but it was quiet for everyone, though I did manage to get a fare amount of spinning done, something I've not been able to do for a while. But my poor wheel is in serious need of some attention, the wheel is not running true and after a conversation with Martin from P&M Woolcraft, at Wonderwool, he will have a look at my Lendrum Spinning Wheel (which is now 15 years old) when we meet up at Stocksfield next Saturday.
With being at Stocksfield next Saturday, I'm going to have to get on with packing up some of the fibre that arrived last week, but I'm not sure when as I don't finish work in Newcastle until Wednesday, then on Thursday I have a Teeswater Sheep Breeder's Assoc Council meeting, Friday, the funeral to attend of Julie, a lady from our knitting group, who was tragically murdered in Whitby a couple of weeks ago.
On a happier note, Mrs Maran my broody hen. Her eggs are due to hatch Monday/Tuesday. Let's hope they are all female chicks!

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