Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lousy weather

We really have had a lousy week with regards to the weather, it's either been raining, windy, cold and any combination of the 3, the lambs are looking really fed up with all the rain, and then today, it has been lovely and sunny, and what a difference that has made to them all, they seemed to have perked up no end.
Tim has spent most of the week sorting things out ready for the farm sale and through some of his books to
put some aside that will go to the charity shop next time we are in Whitby. I've been tryng to get on top of things in the office, a Parish Council AGM to minute, PAYE to do on line (a nightmare of a job), a Teeswater Sheep Breeders meeting agenda to produce, fibre and knitting wool to order to replace the stock I sold at Wonderwool, which has now arrived and now has to be sorted, dyed and priced up in readiness for Stocksfield (19th May), Woolfest, Fibre East and the usual local Farmer's Markets I attend, and then to top it all, a call from the Employment Tribunal to sit on a 7 day case starting on Tuesday!!!!
Deefa has finally forgiven me for leaving him at home whilst I went to Wonderwool.
I'm busy working on a lap quilt that features VW Camper vans, for use in the Bongo, he's gone to sleep nest to me snuggled under the half finished quilt!!
Tomorrow is going to be a busy bank holiday, both dogs are booked in for a hair cut and Ghilli and Grommet are being moved to their new home, my friend Jayne's smallholding in the next village, we will still own the 2 boys, but they will be guarding her sheep, geese and ducks. The field that they are in now is the one that will be used for the farm sale and so it requires a bit of work to get it ready, mainly part of the fencing has to be removed to make access to the paddock easier for the equipment we will be selling.
Every thing seems to be on track for us to exchange contacts by the end of the month and a move before I go to Woolfest in June! That is with everything crossed of course!!!!!!

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