Monday, 7 May 2012

Ghilli & Grommet move to their new home

This morning, after I'd taken Holly and Deffa for a haircut, we loaded Ghilli & Grommet into the trailer for a 5 minute drive to their new home.
 Here they are coming out of the trailer
Exploring their new paddock
They have spent most of the day at the top of their new paddock by the gate, which houses the hay rack, and from where they can see/watch all the goings on at Jayne's smallholding. Her Dad working on his car, her niece racing around on her bike, the 2 dogs chasing ball, the sheep, and the ducks swimming around their pond. Jayne described their vantage point as "Alpaca TV". They also have a stream to paddle in, if they get too warm!!! Sounds like Alpaca heaven.

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