Sunday, 27 May 2012

It's been one of those weeks!!!!!

As the weather has been fine and sunny I've been able to get on with dyeing some fleece that I found in the fleece store, ready for Woolfest
I also dyed some Teeswater Tops, that I'm selling this year as something new to add to my range of fibre I have for sale
But I have spent most of the week dealing with questions from our buyer's solicitor so that we were in a position to exchange contracts on Friday, but thanks to the solicitor of the house we are buying, that didn't happen, and here is not the place to say why. But hopefully contracts will be exchanged early next week.
Tim has spent most of the week getting ready for our farm equipment sale this coming Saturday as well as listing some other items we have for sale on Ebay. Then today we wormed all the sheep and lambs, as well as ear tagging all the lambs ready to sell them all on Saturday. It will seem strange not having any livestock around the place.
Ghilli & Grommet have settled in at their new home and due to the warm weather have been sunbathing, laying on their backs with their legs out stretched, which if you are not used to looks as if they are dead!!! But Jayne has got used to them sunbathing now. Ghilli has found the stream and has been paddling and then mud bathing!!!! He really has settled in well.
We've had an emergency dash to the vets with Holly on Monday, she tore her dew claw, which is now O.K and then on Wednesday, both dogs have had the first of their inoculations, and Holly is now fitted with a D.A.G collar, it's supposed to help with the stress of the move, it takes a week to work and then lasts for 4 weeks, so I will need to get another one for her before we move, and she does seem a bit more relaxed, but that could be down to the fact that the door has been open most of the day and she and Deefa have spent a lot of the day wondering around the yard.
And finally - the dishwasher broke and it's not worth getting a new one until we move!!!!!! As I said it's been one of those weeks.

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