Sunday, 22 April 2012

A week of Lists and valuations

On Monday our buyer's mortgage valuer called to value the house for their mortgage application. On Tuesday we had the farm auctioneer here to talk through what we need to do in preparation for the sale of our farm equipment, what happens at the sale etc. Thankfully Tim had spent most of Monday listing all the items of equipment we will be selling, for which the auctioneer was very thankful for, it saved him some time and gives him an idea of what to expect. The good news is that the ewes will be sold off of our holding with their lambs at foot. This will save us the stress of taking them all to the local auction mart and I must admit, it is the way I would prefer to sell them. Since the Auctioneers visit we have added to the list, as he said we would!
I've been getting ready for Wonderwool and so have been making lists of the fibre and other assorted things I need to take with me, and as long as I don't forget my knickers (as a fellow stallholder did one year and none of us will let her forget) and my knitting, (something I did a couple of years ago and I've not been allowed to forget) I should be O.K.
I've spent this afternoon packing the fibre (all 56kgs of it), that I'm taking, into large Ikea carrier bags ready to be packed into the trailer and camper van on Wednesday. I'm taking a couple of days to travel down to the Royal Welsh Showground, rather than rush down on the Friday and then try and set up my stall after a good 9 hour drive!!! So it's all systems go for the house move and Wonderwool.

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