Sunday, 6 March 2011

Moving Compost

As we've had such a mild and dry week, after Michael had left, we emptied one of the compost bins, moving the contents onto one of the deep beds. I've been letting the hens out of the allotment area and they have had a great time scratching around in the compost bins. So rather than spread the compost well on the deep bed, I've left it piled up a bit, and the chickens will spend the next few days scratching around looking for grubs and seeds and before I know it, they will have made the compost lovely and friable in the deep bed, ready for me to start using.
The hens have also got a new hut and I will be moving them into another area of the veg garden in the next couple of days for them to help clear the weed seeds and eat any little "nasty" creepy crawlies that are hiding in the soil.

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