Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Born this morning

A Tup lamb, who Tim has called "Hotpot". When we checked the ewes last night Hotpot's mum showed no signs of lambing. But when Tim went to check everyone at 7 this morning, there was a steaming lamb.
Here he is asleep at lunchtime
With Mum
and a close up of him.
We had to turn this ewe over as well and try to get her milk flowing. We're more than convinced that it's because the 2 Teeswater ewes have been in the barn for the last two weeks so that we could give them extra feed, and not had access to grass, this really does effect their milk. Though they have an udder full of milk, it doesn't seem to "come down" the same as in a ewe who has been out on grass and then penned up for a couple of days prior to giving birth.
Hopefully, if the weather stays as mild as it has been during the day all 3 lambs will be out in the nursery paddock with their mums pretty soon. But as one of the twin gimmer lambs, born yesterday as a bit of a "rattle" and is now dosed up with antibiotics, along with her sister and mum, they could all be in the barn for a couple of days more.
Now we can have a rest until the main onslaught of lambing starts on the 23rd of this month.

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