Sunday, 27 March 2011

A productive week

On Monday the Resident Vandal arrived and as we've had such fine weather our ground is now relatively dry, so Tim and the Resident Vandal wasted no time in getting the post knocker onto the back of the tractor and went round all our fields knocking in new posts, where the old ones have been broken by the snow over the winter. They put in over 30 posts, this just leaves Tim the job of removing the broken posts and re stapling the wire fence to the new posts. That job completed, the Resident Vandal, living up to his name, took the post knocker to the old railway carriage. It needs to come down as it will be in the way when we finally get the new barn sorted out. Once the railway carriage was broken up, a reciprocating saw was used to cut the wood into pieces that were easier to handle on to the bonfire. That done, some bits and pieces were moved out of the barn, again in readiness for when we finally pull this barn down. In the veg garden, well rotted compost has been put onto a couple of the deep beds where the potatoes are to be planted and I got 6 rows of parsnip seeds sown. I was a tempted to plant out my onion sets, but it's still only March and the weather can change so quickly here, that I'm going to wait until the middle of April before setting them out. In the greenhouse I've sown in seed trays, cabbage, brussel sprouts, leeks and pea seeds. My new Maran hens have had their wings clipped and yesterday I let them out of their run to scratch around in the grass by the hedge, they are also now starting to lay their lovely dark brown eggs.

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