Wednesday, 30 March 2011

5 sets of twins born today!!!

It started at 6.30 this morning with one of the Scottie ewes, who's first lamb was presented with it's leg back. Tim had quite a battle to get the lamb out but he did, followed by it's twin, also with a leg back. A pair of gimmer Masham lambs Cully had been penned up earlier as she was showing signs of lambing. Tim did a quick check on the ewes outside to find Cicely in the shelter, also about to lamb. We man handled her into a pen in the barn and she lambed first, again her lamb had a leg back, but the 2nd one was presented correctly. A pair of tup lambs. Just got her sorted out when we had to sort out Cully's lamb, leg back again on both of her lambs. One ewe lamb and one tup lamb, and it wasn't even 8 o'clock. By the time we'd fed up, put hay and water into the new mum's pens, the morning was nearly over. Before lunch I went to collect my chicken's eggs, and one of the Scotties was giving birth in the field. With no help from us. But we moved her and her lambs, a gimmer and tup, into a pen in the barn so they didn't get chilled. Then, feeding up this evening, 2 of the Scottie ewes refused to come into the barn to feed, a sure sign something is amiss. I got them into the barn, nothing was happening, so left them for a while to settle down. We went back an hour later to find that one of the ewes had a lamb's head hanging out. Urgent action was required to deliver the lamb. Once the lamb was delivered we put the ewe and her lamb into a pen and turned our attention to the other Scottie ewe in the barn, who, once checked was let out of the barn as she showed no imminent signs of lambing. We checked the newly lambed ewe to make sure everything was fine with her and her lamb, which it was, so we started to get her water and hay, when another of the Scottie ewes was bleating outside the barn door. Tim let her in and we put her in the last free lambing pen we have in the barn, and whilst I was getting her some hay. Tim looked into the pen of the Scottie ewe that had just lambed, to find she'd had a second lamb! She's had a tup and gimmer lamb. To date 13 ewes have lambed, which means we are now halfway through lambing. We have 26 lambs, 14 gimmer lambs, 12 tup lambs. A lambing %age of 200%, not bad considering the winter we have had. But I doubt it will stay that high.

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