Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I've had all my fibre packed and ready for Woolfest for a week now, trouble is, I've had to raid the bags this week to fulfill 2 on-line orders!!! But I'm still taking over 100kgs of fibre.
I've done a dummy pitch of my tent, and the shop was correct, I can pitch a tunnel tent on my own, if it's not windy, so hopefully I'll be able to find a flat spot to pitch at the back of the mart.
The plan for tomorrow is to start and pack the truck after the dogs have been walked, sheep, alpacas and chickens fed and watered. Tim has given the truck a quick service (oil, water, tyre pressures) and even cleaned some of the hay out of the back!!!!!
This is the first year that I will have a stall on my own, which should be fun and scary at the same time. Hopefully the promised help will materialise, even if it's just to let me have a quick cup of tea and a sandwich.
I've packed my camera so hopefully I will be able to get some photos of not only my stall, but some of the other stalls and displays.
Now I'm just going to chill with a glass of home made Bramble wine and some knitting.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Hope you have a great couple of days at the Woolfest. I can't believe that I only live 25 minutes away from the venue but can't get the time to attend this year!

Caroline M said...

I'm not coming this year, I hope you have a great weekend and have nothing left to pack for home.

Alison said...

Have a wonderful time at Woolfest - I met you there with my Mum, last year, when you spotted us looking at the flyers for the Danby event!

I'm not going this year (poo!), or I would offer to come by and spell you for a tea and toilet break. Instead, I will be demo-ing spinning Saturday and Sunday in one of our local open gardens events (yay!).

Good luck!

Jon Storey said...

Happy Woolfest!

Hope it goes well.

alifelesssimple said...

Have a lovely time and I look forward to your photos on your return! Your stall looked lovely last year so I'm sure it will be even better this year!