Sunday, 13 June 2010

Who every asked for rain......

can you now please stop and ask for some sun instead. We have spent the last week in "clag" or low wet cloud. It's worse than rain, as it gets everywhere and seeps into every building. On Tuesday the sun managed to break through for a short while and I was able to get some cabbages planted out.
On Wednesday I had a trip over to Barnard Castle to do a handover with the retiring Teeswater Sheep Breeders Association Secretary, as I'm now the Teeswater Breeds new secretary! Thankfully the old secretary had done a great "cull" on all the paperwork, so I've not got a lot of paperwork to store, just years and years of flock books!!!! Also the old secretary and I will be working in tandem for a couple of months before I officially take over on the 1st August. It will give us both chance to ensure that all the relevant people have been informed of my name and address etc. I've started to get this year's sheep registration forms and request for breed ear tags.
Yesterday I was at Saltburn Farmer's Market. I wasn't looking forward to the market as I knew that the main car park in Saltburn had been taken over by Sainsburys as storage for the contractor who are working on the new store, also it was the start of the World Cup! So we were all not sure if many people would attend the market. As it was I had a good day. I think the partners of football fans were out looking for something new to do, or stacking up their existing stash of fibre. Well we all need something to do instead of watch the football!!!!
I'm now on count down to Woolfest, in 2 weeks time it will all be over!! Thanks to the wet weather all my fibre is now weighed out, balled up and priced. Stall signs are finished. All I've got left to do is sort out the boxes to display my fibre, put the fibre I'm taking into large carry bags and make sure I've got a goodly selection of coinage and notes in my petty cash. I'm so organised and ready for Woolfest I'm worried, I've surely forgotten to do something! Whilst I've been packing my fibre, I decided to do a mini stock take and I will do the same on my return from Woolfest so I know exactly what I've sold. Well that's the theory anyway.
On Monday the Resident Vandal arrives to help Tim repair the lambing barn roof, so please everyone start asking for some fine weather, not necessarily sun, just no rain. Hopefully I will be able to get some photos of the barn as they work on it.


Jon Storey said...

I have been cottage sitting for my Mother this week and had a list of things I wanted to get done but the weather put paid to most of it....

Eldest daughter went to Greece today, low thirties I belive!

Oh well.

Simon Dawson said...

Yep, i'm with you, more sunshine please. Congrats on the new secretary post by the way - nothing like keeping busy :)