Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Alpaca Shearer arrives

At long last we have a reliable Alpaca Shearer, I won't go into all the hassle and aggro I had last year over trying to get my boys sheared!!! Steve, arrived on Saturday, as arranged, to 50mile gusts of wind and rain showers. Fortunately we had fastened Ghilli and Grommet in their shelter first thing in the morning, so their fleeces were kept dry.
Because of the work on the barn, Steve sheared Ghilli and Grommet in the field outside their shelter, with me running round catching the best of their fleeces to put into bins ready for spinning. Steve was great with the boys, he and his partner were so calm with them and considering they had 2 years worth of fleece on them it all came off relatively easily.

Here are the boys after their "hair cut" and you can see some of their fibre on the grass, this is after Steve had taken up the big rubber shearing mat he uses.
Needless to say he's booked to do the boys next year.


Jon Storey said...

They look slightly "shell-shocked"!

Freyalyn said...

You lot have been busy over there. Barn's looking good, and the alpacas are very trim! All ready to go tomorrow?