Monday, 7 June 2010

A day late....

The blog is a day late, for no other reason than I'd forgotten it was Sunday.
After my unexpected day at home, Thursday was spent wrapping 130 fleeces for one of the local farmers as well as worming his 300 lambs. Thankfully I was inside whilst the shearing was carried out, but had to endure the hot mid day sun for worming the lambs! Boy was glad when I'd finished. My face was red with the heat and the warm work.
On Friday my sister and the hobbits came to visit and we had a great day on Saltburn beech, despite the occasional freezing wind that blew off the sea. It was good to be out enjoying the sun.
But now the weather is totally the opposite, we've had 2 days of low cloud and rain, the grass needs the rain, but it has hindered Tim taking the sides of the little barn down. He's getting on really well with the part demolition of the barn, let's hope the replacement of the roof joists goes as well.
My main priority at the moment is getting ready for Woolfest, so I'm glad that the weather is wet as I don't feel too bad about working inside as I have a load of veg that needs planting out and yet more seeds to sow etc. How did I have time to work!!!!

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