Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It was a long week with the barn

For Tim and the Resident Vandal, last week was a very long week working on the barn, and the new roof didn't get put on either! In fairness to everyone the job was more demanding than either of them thought it would be, basically because the original barn was so badly framed!
Removing the old roof and sides Tim discovered that the original roof joists around the edge of the barn were not attached to anything, it was only the tin sheets that were keeping them in place. He decided to replace ALL of the roof joists as the weight of the winter snow had done more damage than we realised and the walls had to be properly supported. A telegraph pole at each corner and two in the middle are not sufficient for a barn 30ft+ wide.

This was the state of the barn on Sunday morning, all now properly framed, but the back wall (the one in the picture still with sheets on) has to have it's sheets removed and reframed to match the rest of the barn. More work, yes, but silly to leave it as it is, because knowing our luck no sooner had we got the new roof on, than the back wall would collapse!
The front and the sides now have the bottom sheets on, Tim recycled the best ones from the roof for the job, to save some money and he's hoping that by the end of the week, the whole of the barn will have at least the bottom sheets on, so at a pinch we could run the sheep in to shear them on the 4th July.

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