Sunday, 27 June 2010

Woolfest 2010

Well that's Woolfest over for another year and despite the debacle over the tables for every one's stalls! Someone in their infinite wisdom had decided that we could all have our tables at 0900 Friday morning and we would all be ready when the public came in at 1000!!! Thankfully common sense prevailed and the tables finally arrived at 4pm on the Thursday, but this still meant for the larger stallholders a very late night.

I had a good event even though it was felt that the numbers were down on last year, but my sales figures tell a different tale. The one fibre that went really well was Seacell, I think it was the novelty factor as quite a few people couldn't quite get their heads round the fact that this beautifully soft and smooth fibre came from seaweed!!!
This year I decided to take a tent to sleep in rather than the back seat of the truck so I was glad of the very warm weather

Thankfully Freylynn and Mark had saved me a flat spot for me to pitch my tent. The facilities are not great at the auction mart, (no showers, but there are loos and a great canteen) but for 2 nights who cares, when it's free. Bil and Lunil (Freylynn and Mark's dogs) were not speaking to me as I'd left Deefa and Holly at home. How could I!!!
It took me over and hour to pack all my fibre in to the back of the truck. I'd packed my tent up before breakfast and that was already in the back of the truck, instead of the cab as it had been on the way over to Woolfest. Even with the tent, fibre and sales table I could see out of the back of the truck, a sign of good sales! I finally arrived home at 10pm last night. I unloaded the truck this morning, with the help of Deefa and Holly. (Deefa has missed me, he'd insisted that Tim look round the farm for me at 1am on Friday morning as he was convinced I was outside!!!!) I've sold over 30kg of fibre and the only thing I forgot was my knitting!!! Other stallholders are not going to let me forget this in a hurry as I'm renowned for always having my knitting on the go!!!!
Whilst I was away Tim has not been idle!!

As you can see from the above photo, he's got the sides of the barn re sheeted, and in this heat he's absolutely shattered. But we could do with the dry weather to last for another week, as the sheep shearer is here next Sunday.
Now that Woolfest is over I can now spend some time in the veg garden, as the weeds have taken over and the high winds of last week have played havoc with the canes supporting, or not supporting my peas.


Jon Storey said...

Pleased that you had a successful weekend. It's good to read that wood sales are going well after so many years in the doldrums.

I was looking at some Soay sheep yesterday, very tempting.......

Jenny Holden said...

Very pleased to hear that Woolfest was a success. Wish I'd been there but I did make it to the Royal Highland. Good luck with the shearing!