Friday, 5 February 2010

Tim's Op

Yesterday Tim had, what is hopefully, the last operation on the back of his hand. It was to remove all the excess packing and skin used to cover up the metal work in the back of his hand, and now that his hand is no longer swollen, this excess skin has been causing problems, especially getting gloves on and wearing jumpers/shirts that have ribbed cuffs as they won't go over the lump. I dropped him at James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough at 11.00 and he went down to Theatre at 2pm, coming back onto the ward around 5pm. I was able to bring him home at 9pm, not looking too bad, but back to being the "one armed bandit" again.
Today we are both having a quiet day in front of the fire, giving me the opportunity to get some spinning done.


Jenny Holden said...

I hope that they've solved the problem now and that he can get on with healing.

I've tagged you in a meme :o)

Jon Storey said...

I hope this is the last op. and Tim is fighting fit and back in action very soon.