Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Mole catching myth busted!!!!

When I went on my mole catching course a few years back, not only did I get my mole gassing certificate, I also learnt the art of setting mole traps, and I've listed the things I was told about setting mole traps
  • All new traps need to be left out in the open or buried in the ground for 6 months
  • When digging into the mole runs to set the traps, don't wear rubber gloves or any gloves for that matter, rub your hands in the soil to hide your scent
  • Scissor traps are largely ineffective, use only the tunnel traps.

Well for years now I've had very little or no sucess catching moles, (gassing them, no problem!! But I suppose poisen is a woman's way of killing!!!) that is until just recently. My friend and fellow smallholder Jayne has a lot of sucess with traps and considering the weather we've had recently I've been determined to master the art of mole trapping.
Jayne came round a few weeks back and she showed me how she set her traps, scissor ones no less, and I tried again with the tunnel traps. Needless to say it was the scissor traps that caught the mole. As with a previous blog you will have read how I've been catching moles with the Hobbits.
As I don't have any of the said scissor mole traps, Ebay was searched and mole traps have been purchased. They arrived 3 or 4 days ago and with the snow we've had recently, it has been easy to see where said moles have been working. So these last couple of days I've been setting my traps, straight out of their plastic bags, into the mole runs, with me wearing plastic gloves to keep my hands clean. To date with these new traps I've caught 4 moles within a very short time, doing everything I was told not to do.
You wonder how much was "old wives tales", "old folk lore", or just an excuse because the traps have been so badly set! But I don't care as no mole is safe on our land now from either gas or trap!!!!!

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