Monday, 8 February 2010

It must be spring.......

Because today I have seen my first lambs out in the fields, snowdrops that are flowering and daffodils. The fact that we are predicted to get more snow over the next two weeks has nothing to do with it. Lambs are in the fields!!!!!
On a different note, today we took our 8 light weight Gimmers to the mart to be sold. Pete, our farming neighbour took them for us and we followed to be with the sheep when they were weighed and during the sale.
Selling was brisk, as always, for the fat lambs, but when we got to the "light hoggs" there were only 6 pens, including ours, and bidding was very slow. A pen of gimmers, average weight of 30kgs went for £40.00 each, the next pen, which were heavier still, made only £35.00 each. The next two pens fared no better. Ours averaged at 26.3kg, so we were not hopeful for a good price. But they sold for an amazing £41.50 each!!! Needless to say we are delighted with that price. Works out at £1.58/kg. Pete did say this morning, how impressed he was with how our sheep looked. Praise indeed from a farmer who has over 400 ewes.


Freyalyn said...

Well done. Could do with some suitably springlike lamb photos

Jon Storey said...

Well done with the sheep but still not a lot of money considering the work that goes into them. Such praise is always welcome...!