Sunday, 21 February 2010

The house is strangely quiet.....

We took the Hobbit's home on Friday and it amazes me how 2 small boys can make so much noise and so much mess!!! We did manage to spend some time on Sandsend beech rock pooling, looking at fossils, picking up shells and managing to get a lot of sea water in wellingtons!!! They did help split some wood, straw down the barn and trap some moles, for which they were on 50p each, for every mole we caught. We also played countless games of Sorry and watch some funny DVDs.
Originally the Hobbits were going home on Thursday, but Friday was my "official" leaving drinks night in York, so it seemed silly to do the trip to York on 2 separate days. Tim and I had a great night out with my old team and they presented me with a £60 Amazon voucher, which was totally unexpected.
Not a lot is happening on the smallholding at the moment, we had yet more snow this weekend, the ewes feed is being increased in readiness for lambing, it feels like the calm before the storm. But we and the animals are now heartily sick of the snow and mud. Our usual windy weather we have here would be more than welcome.


Jeff and Sheila said...

Quite agree with you....the snow and mud is a real pain! Despite us being many miles south of your smallholding, we are also getting our share of the dismal weather.

Jon Storey said...

Our Hobbits are much bigger than yours and the noise and mess seems to have a relationship with The Inverse Square Law!!

Your mention of moles reminds me of some pictures of moles that I took this morning, I might post one later, a bit gruesome but that's life as they say.