Sunday, 31 January 2010

A busy week barn repairing

On Monday the Resident Vandal arrived with Kiera Dog to help Tim repair the cracked barn perlins.
By the end of Monday they had.....
replaced the fractured post with this new one. and put in this new upright at the back of the barn, along with the gate, a start on the area for the pet lambs.
On Tuesday

a new perlin in the main barn went in. The 2 new supports have made great gate posts for the other half of the pet lamb area.
On Wednesday

it was discovered that as a result of the post fracturing, this part of the roof overhang had sagged, so this piece of wood put in to jack the overhang back into place.

Also the cracked perlin in the lambing barn was temporarily repaired. Full repairs are to the lambing barn are pencilled in for the end of June, whilst I'm at Woolfest......
For the rest of the week part of the main barn side was replaced.

This is what the barn side looked like, a patchwork of corrugated sheets, none of which kept the weather out. Also on the inside the framework that the sheets were attached to, or not attached to, was made from matchsticks. Once the sheets had been removed, Tim and the Resident Vandal had to set about beefing up, well re-building actually, the framework for the new sheets to be attached to, and to make matters worse the wind picked up and it was very cold!!!!

This is what the barn side looks like now, a vast improvement. There is a little bit of tidying up to do at the top of the sheets, but as you can see, it's been snowing, again!!!!
A very productive week to say the least and a good job that this work has been finished as Tim got to know on Friday that he's back in hospital this coming week for the final operation in his hand. Thankfully he's only in for a day but we're not sure how long everything will take to heal again. But he WILL be O.K for lambing this year!!!!!!


Jon Storey said...

A great days work! The jobs are never ending.

Freyalyn said...

You *have* all worked tremendously hard, and it looks vastly better. Well done.

Resident Vandal said...

I thank you for your kind words