Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Spotty Dog goes home....

This morning, we took Spotty Dog away from his small flock of girls at the morning feed and "bum check". Needless to say Spotty Dog had not covered any of the ewes. So Finn is now in with all 27 of our ewes, the master of he surveys, so to speak, and no sooner was Finn in with the new girls, he very quickly started to marshall them to see if any of them were on "heat". In his inexperience, he tried to get too friendly with Alluim. She soon put him in his place with a few well placed head butts, but to his credit Finn stood his ground.
As we were loading Spotty Dog into the trailer, Finn chose that moment to "serve" one of the Scottish Black Faced ewes!!!! It seemed as if Finn was adding insult to injury for poor Spotty Dog. But it also proved that at least one of the Scottish Black Faced ewes wasn't pregnant. It will be interesting to see how many "green bums" we have to count at tomorrow morning's feed.

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